Our Story

Count the Thief is a Bangkok-based progressive indie-rock foursome who have been working hard to create a sound that is as dynamic as it is unique.  Playing throughout South East Asia but with large aspirations, Count the Thief is continually preparing for shows and travels.

Count the Thief met in Bangkok in late 2013, and since their debut album launched, they have garnered attention from an international mix of artists and fans.  They are always experimenting with new sounds and arrangements, and are always looking for new opportunities worldwide. Having played with legends such as Hugo, Turtle Giant, and Big Bag, they are becoming a growing force, garnering rave reviews such as winning Best New Sound, 2015 from an international publication. 

Members Danny Duncombe (Vocals and Guitar) and Toby Willems (Drums and Vocals) are from the UK, while guitarist Dave Lefor is Canadian and bassist Jerome Torrefranca is from the Philippines.  With varied musical backgrounds, they have managed to create a very distinctive sound that is breaking new ground in the progressive indie-rock genre. 

Count the Thief released their studio debut, 'New Role' on March 1, 2015.  Watch out for them at festivals around SE Asia, and grab a copy of New Role from their website or any of the major music distributors online. 

For bookings:  bookings@countthethief.com
For press: press@countthethief.com