2016 is a beast

After spending a lovely holiday with our loved ones, CTT is back with its newest member, Jerome Torrefranca, an extremely handsome (but taken) and talented bassist.  This is huge news for us, and he will begin to tour with us starting immediately!  

We are also back in the studio creating new tracks and are excited to share them with you all.  This year is off to a bang with many huge announcements: 

-We are off to Vietnam this weekend!  Come check us out if you are in town.  One show at Saigon Ranger and another at Yoko.

-Next month, we are in Myanmar for a MASSIVE concert with the legendary band, Big Bag.  This is going to be NUTS!

- We have a music video for the track Bring up the Bodies!   This video is insane, and you should watch it right now!

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