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"I’m just going to come out and say it early – this is a band that you’ll know the name of within these next five years. There is a phenomenally smart, energetic-creativity here that has led them to some truly beautiful & emotionally-charged moments and “Lights” is every bit the proof you need coming at you quickly right off the drop as frantic as the scattered moments of having a heart-attack and searching everywhere for the phone to call 911... I hear a band that is more-than-ready for their time to take place; one that is finely-tuned up and ready to stake their own claim in our music’s history-books and audio-files." (

"Count the Thief define a whole new outlook on guitar driven rock songs and the romanticism of the vocalist. They capture an entirely new way of looking at how a rock album can be written. It is an album of extremes, from soft and sweet melodious singing to crashing feats of guitar distortion. It has the dynamics of progressive rock, but without the unnecessary lard usually encased in rather fat fits of grandeur displayed in most rock with-a-point records... Count the Thief is proof positive that rock has plenty of life and vision left in it yet."  (

"Count the Thief’s “New Role” is an emotive, heart-wrenchingly beautiful album... This is what the future of rock should sound like: emotional, anxious, and filled with a startlingly wide variety of surprises."  (

""Vintage’ brings Duncombe’s distinct vocals to the forefront with some beautiful underlying guitar and tight knit drumming, a well structured piece that immediately grabbed our attention, building more and more on each subsequent listen. We expect big things from the group, and hope to see as a SXSW int’l featured band in the coming few years.” (Insomnia Radio)

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"As the purveyors of moody, ethereal, thought-provoking music, don’t be surprised if the next thing the band steals is your heart. Shazam."
Count the Thief - Press Release Press release and information for Count the Thief's album, 'New Role'. 309 KB
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